Dream Auction, is an umbrella for a series of works exploring the Korean practice of buying and selling dreams. A casual part of everyday life which is rooted in centuries of historical dream interpretation, friends or relatives might buy or sell one another’s dreams based on their symbolic characteristics. Though such transactions are informal and friendly, they hold mutual affective value rooted in the sharing of one’s personal, internal contemplations. It is a transfer of energy in good faith, an act of friendly generosity rooted in reverie. Echoing these relational habits, artist Bongsu Park’s work offers her audience similarly profound moments for experiencing dreams, using sensory visuals to embellish our perception of the subconscious. 

Samguk Yusa, Book1, part 34, Chunchu gong

 Munhui buys a dream from her sister Bohui. 

She then marries Chunchu who later become King Muyeol of Silla (654-661)



One night Munhui’s sister Bohui had a dream in which she clim­bed So-ak Mountain and urinated, 

the stream of water from her body rolled down in waves and inundated the whole city of Kyongju. 

In the morning she told her sister about it: 

“That is very interesting,” said Munhui, “I will buy your dream”

“What will you give me for it” Bohui asked

“I will give you my skirt of embroidered brocade.”

“Very well. I agree.”

Munhui spread her skirt and said, “I am ready to catch your dream.”

“Fine” laughed Bohui. 

"I give you my dream of last night.” Munhui smiled. 

“Thank you, sister. Here is my skirt. Wear it and you will look more beautiful.”


Chunchu and Munhui were formally married.


His six sons, the princes Papmin, Inmun, Munwang, Notan, Chigyong and Kaewon

were all born of Munhui who thus fulfilled her sister’s dream, flooding the capital with the issue of her body.




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