Tamlarok ‘Jeju's Dream folktales’

“Tamlarok” is an artistic exploration of Jeju’s unique regional dialect and folktales that are becoming forgotten and disappearing from our lives. This work is an audio-visual collaborative work by Bongsu Park; a media artist and Haihm, an electronic music musician. The exhibition offers an experience of a space filled with visual and sound art.


  • Artist: Bongsu Park & Haihm

  • Exhibition held from 22 Oct to 24 Oct

  • Location: Playce Camp Jeju (Activity Plus Lounge) / Online

  • Online live streaming: Performance – 22 Oct 20:30 / Exhibition – 24 Oct 11:00

live streaming vidoe 




Thursday 14th November 2019

7:30 pm


DREAM WAVE is a sound and video performance that journeys through the theme of dreams. 
After DREAM RITUAL performance at the Coronet theatre, Bongsu and haihm return with a non-physical performance as a means of exploring their fascination with dreams. 

haihm’s beautifully scored electronic sound will draw the musical waves and Bongsu’s hypnotic video images will take the audience into the deep subconscious.


DREAM WAVE is supported by The Bagri Foundation 





Dream and Dreaming - their place in our lives


We are running a series of talks, discussions and workshops in lot of different contexts around the themes of dream. After our first workshop ‘Dream and Dreaming - their place in our lives’ at Wellcome Collection’s Reading Room on 2nd April 2019, the second one was held at Korean Cultural Centre in UK on 31st May. This series of workshops run by the project director Bongsu Park and Hazel Riley - an author, teacher and shamanic practitioner.

During the workshop we will talk about the project and the specific Korean culture of buying and selling dreams. Also we will share our ideas about dreams from many perspectives – dream related traditional customs to neuroscience and psychology. Alongside the dream contributions through our project website, people can contribute their dreams off-line at the end of workshop.

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