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Dream Auction is an umbrella for a series of works exploring the Korean practice of buying and selling dreams. A casual part of everyday life which is rooted in centuries of historical dream interpretation, friends or relatives might buy or sell one another’s dreams based on their symbolic characteristics. Though such transactions are informal and friendly, they hold mutual affective value rooted in the sharing of one’s personal, internal contemplations. It is a transfer of energy in good faith, an act of friendly generosity rooted in reverie. Echoing these relational habits, artist Bongsu Park’s work offers her audience similarly profound moments for experiencing dreams, using sensory visuals to embellish our perception of the subconscious.

* The first Dream Auction will be held at Post Territory Ujeongguk in Seoul on 5th June *

Dream Auction

Saturday, June 5th, 5-7 pm

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The Korean tradition of buying and selling dreams is a practice with rich social and historical layers. In her years exploring this practice, Bongsu Park has collected several dreams which have been written down and shared by participants in workshops and visitors to her exhibitions, including this one. In a culminating event, these dreams will be auctioned off as a way of formalizing an informal practice, and honoring the contributions of dreamers. This event will be playful and casual, offering a fun way to think about the process of transaction in buying and selling dreams. The auction is not a commodification of such a transaction, rather it invites the audience to reflect on the practice of buying and selling dreams, and how it might exist beyond the material realm. 


In the event, Byun Hongcheul will lead the proceedings as auctioneer, reading each dream and then guiding participants in the auction process. Each dream will be transcribed on a custom scroll made by the artist, and it will be delivered to the highest bidder at the end of the event. Bidding will take place live online and for a limited number of in-person guests. The profits from the auction will be donated to charity. No prior experience with auctions or financial qualifications are necessary to join this event, and event attendees are not required to purchase something.


We invite anyone and everyone to participate! To learn more about this event and how to join, please visit our FAQs.

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