Please be aware that your name and profile picture will appear when you submit your dream. If you want to remain anonymous we recommend you edit your profile accordingly. This can be done either before or after submitting your dream. Click your profile picture and click ‘My Profile’ and go to ‘Edit Profile’. Only DREAM AUCTION can see your email address.


Describe your dream as much as you can remember in a simple text and DREAM AUCTION will print, frame and list it in the auction. The dream submitted will be sold as the text written at the time of submission with no alterations or corrections.

The dream you are selling should be a dream that you personally have dreamt. DREAM AUCTION is not responsible for any fabricated dreams or the subsequent impact of dreams, such as curses or nightmares. Please don’t submit a dream that you don’t want to sell or you have already sold to someone else.


All bids begin at a minimum £50 (Reserve). 75% of the selling price will be donated to an arts charity whilst 25% will go towards auction and performance costs. A record of monies raised for charity will be published on the DREAM AUCTION website.


DREAM AUCTION will send further important notices regarding the auction to the email you signed in with.





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